Title: Haunted (piano cover)
Artist: timeerasingyou
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i’ve already posted a video of that cover but i recorded it again because the sound was really bad :) it could be better but this is quite hard to play actually so yeah, i hope you like it!


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Can you feel this magic in the air? ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Eh that was pretty forgetable tbh =\ Disappointed.

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Kevin McGuire, the guy Taylor took to the 2013 ACM awards is now cancer free!
He takes to Facebook this morning: “Seven years ago I was diagnosed with leukemia. Four years ago I beat cancer into remission. Two years ago my cancer wanted another butt whooping and I relapsed. That same year I received a bone marrow transplant and blew my cancer out of the water. Today, I’m proud to say I’m cancer free.”

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"I really thought that if I ended up on a really big stage someday singing songs that I wrote for a lot of people, I wouldn’t have to deal with mean kids or bullies anymore. But that’s not how things happen, it turns out. And when I grew up, I’ve realized recently that meanness isn’t a phase that people are going through, it’s part of the human condition. It’s something that we’re going to have to deal with our entire lives." [x]

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White Horse

It’s too late for you and your white horse

                                                               to   c a t c h   me now.

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